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Me be back :D
4 City Square
[Republic of Baethalon] House Nascibeni
3 House Romano
[Republic of Baethalon] House Marcelli - Recruiting
1 House Romano
[Mod] MrUnicorncraft tagtagtag  created a new thread House Feraldo - Recruitment in the House Feraldo forum
[Owner] XInstinctX tag  created a new thread House Dietrich - Recruitment in the House Dietrich forum
[Owner] XInstinctX tagLike this if you voted for 'Yes to Fantasy' i just need names so i know who is strongly for it and to see if you are good at RP
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[Diam.] HesselRs tag  No, Halo. It's going to be 1.7
Budhha247 tag  Right now Halo there is no point updating to 1.8 since Bukkit is still 1.7 so you can't place the items for 1.8 in multiplayer
[Diam.] NOTsoHUMAN tagtag  Yes.
HaloWarFighter   created a new thread Does anyone have a good design for a Castle/Fort/Sha... in the General Off Topic forum
[Owner] XInstinctX tag  created a new thread How to fight Rp'ly in the Guides forum
FestiveBearCub , WhitePhilip2001 , WiserSteak and Syoarn joined Renaissance Craft
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More Illuminati business!
13 City Square
Messy Medieval: A building guide
15 Guides
[Owner] XInstinctX tagHopefully aiming for a Weekend opening... Maybe, hopefully.
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[Diam.] bountyrogger tag  damn if that happens i wont be on till monday...
Npod97   flat,550x550,075,f.u11.jpg
SwiftWhiskers57   created a new thread Illuminati Confirmed in the City Square forum
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Current Locations on the new map
5 City Square
[Republic of Baethalon] Information
4 House Romano
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Leaving for a while.
0 City Square
I Would like A Town or Faction
10 City Square
[Principality of Millence] Information
20 House Feraldo
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Applying for A faction
18 City Square
Plans for new map
11 City Square
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Simple Question on how things work
18 City Square
About me -Article By Minmaster25-
3 General Off Topic
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Check the Dynmap
75 City Square
Things to do while the Server is being reset.
27 City Square
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Don't ask staff when the server is restarting. Last I checked, you voted for "Option 1:Soon". Not "Option 1: 10th September"
Alxlerno is mod.
Epicsolo resigns from his Moderator position.
The last town applications I received had direct plagiarism. This will not be tolerated, and all apps of such state (that I personally Find) will be rejected. However I will ask another staff member to look it over, so it may be repealed.
Reticulating Splines
Added back Herobrine
Voting on polls with alt accounts is illegal and can result in a website ban.
August 1st , Day of the EULA.
Removed Herobrine
Players are now hidden from Dynmap if they are under cover, crouching, or in the shadows.
You do not have access to shout
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