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rapperedog   created a new thread Um im confused. in the City Square forum
poppana777   created a new thread I don't understand whats happening in the Ban Appeals forum
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Ban Appeal for TheDude201
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Confused ban?
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NOAC 2015 Youth OA in the BSA
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[Owner] XInstinctX tagAdded new donator perks use /pm in game to access effects for your character. Want more? Head over to the Donate area above!

Your keeping the server alive!
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minmaster25   Thinking about getting diamond. Waiting for work cheque to come in :/
dinospy10 , zhexun and poppana777 joined Renaissance Craft
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RIP Joseph Benson
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Hakon Grimson
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Post Random Videos Here
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OverlordCommand's Ban Appeal
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[Owner] XInstinctX tagYou will now work slower and run slower if you have armour on, Leather armour will only slow you a bit while Diamond will slow you down the most.

Now be good little serfs and take off your armour.
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[Owner] XInstinctX tag  Actually player armour and horse armour does effect the horses speed.
namethatmanxx   No, I can't noscope because I don't have a scope that I decide not to use because I am using a damn bow and arrow.
namethatmanxx   Oh and I like how this slows horses too, <3
[Diam.] jjhoot3 tag  created a new thread Proposal to the Emperor in the Empire of Reichland forum
[Diam.] bountyrogger tag  created a new thread News spreads like wildfire across the Reichland and ... in the Roleplay Forums forum
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Disappearance of Nicolas Gaynesford
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Reason why I haven't been on
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Bandits of south - east Baethalon!
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Joel Winther
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[Diam.] MrUnicorncraft tagtag  created a new thread An Important Bit of Info from your Favorite Neighbor... in the General Off Topic forum
Dr_Benson tag  created a new thread Scriptism! in the Roleplay Forums forum
Augustus Ceasar   created a new thread Sorry for being inactive. in the City Square forum
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Don't ask staff when the server is restarting. Last I checked, you voted for "Option 1:Soon". Not "Option 1: 10th September"
Alxlerno is mod.
Epicsolo resigns from his Moderator position.
The last town applications I received had direct plagiarism. This will not be tolerated, and all apps of such state (that I personally Find) will be rejected. However I will ask another staff member to look it over, so it may be repealed.
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