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[Diam.] orlandomagicfan8 tagCan someone update me of whats been happening lately with the server? Thanks :sick:
[Mod] alxlerno tagtag  Staff are currently planning out the server and Craig is still working on the map. We release information as soon as we know it definitively.
[Diam.] NOTsoHUMAN tagtagThe things you find between the folds of your couch:
When you find random things in your couch
Vine clip by Rudy Mancuso To Visit Our Page Kindly Click The...
[Mod] MrUnicorncraft tagtagtag  I read that wrong...
[Mod] Chewielew tag  The things you find between the folds of your crotch* ;D
[Diam.] CaptainOriginalz tagJust throwing it out there. Mercenary companies was hired throughout the turmoil of Europe back then. Mercenary companies or holy orders anyone??
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[Mod] Seamas11 tagtag  I never heard anyone refer to him by his middle and last name. Can't say I like it to be honest.
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  We all know who will be mercenaries, but idk and I doubt anyone else will know if they will try to turn it into a nation.
liberty001   Benson, that's a good idea, but what about for the Mongols? They had a full military.
[Mod] alxlerno tagtagI was thinkning that poepel could be teleported to random parts of the world (A list of many coordinates preplanted by staff) and when they landed they were shown a sign with their language, culture and town name to start them off. It's uderstandable for people to not want that but maybe that could be an option. I like the idea of being put in an area and having to discover other lands around me wihtout knowing what other nations are close or far.
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tayjay00 tag  Is it possible for this to be an option?
[Owner] Termite117 tag  The only thing we have in right now that i know of that teleports you to random places is when you die your body will be teleported to i think either spawn or one of the random graveyards around the map thats what Instinct and I were talking about.
[Owner] XInstinctX tag  Yes, like last map.
[Obby] xijohnyix tagHmm, wouldn't it be more realistic if people weren't shown or if there just wasn't a dyn map? Maybe we should use regular maps. That sounds interesting. Just an idea
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[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  Instinct was clearly trolling, we'd never get a spawn shop again unless GTA Heists came out...
[Mod] Seamas11 tagtag  WTF are you on boy? Seems real strong , You in with the Rastas or something?
[Diam.] masterpaps tag  thedynamap is THE cheating tool - for more realIstic RP, a Dynamap without people would be good. for orientation, compasses would be the solution...
[Owner] XInstinctX tagAn old Image, major alterations is the inclusion of eastern Ireland.
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[Owner] XInstinctX tag  Map is way too big to add said places and the Rhine can only be done in game.
jp5243   Palestine needs to be much greener.
[Owner] XInstinctX tag  Like i said, "An old image"
ProSkate101   joined Renaissance Craft
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[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtagSince we generally have issues with big dominating nations being played incorrectly, how about we have the Muslims in Iberia and the Holy lands and the Mongol Horde be played by NPC's and we can have regular events for them.

Iberians get weekly events with the Moors, Crusaders have constant warfare with the Islamic jihadists and the Germans get a monthly event to hold off the horde, if they fail, they fall, and other nations have to hold the line.

That previous Mongol event was awesome, but it would be great if it was more perilous since before everyone worked together, but in this case, it's every man for himself.
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[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  We have had an event like this before, so it is possible
[Owner] XInstinctX tag  That event was the biggest thing that's happened on Ren.
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  Nah, Instinct for Pope was defo bigger
[Owner] XInstinctX tagStreaming again don't expect me stay on all night making it getting pretty tired. [link]
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[Mod] MrUnicorncraft tagtagtag  Come watch instinct do boring stuff for the Hype!
BassFishin243so what all happened in the 1250's (other than mongol invasion)? just curious as to what all we're gonna be doing this first map of Ren 2.
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  France and the Templars only I'm afraid.

England was busy with internal affairs, the Spaniards had the Moors and the Germans had the Mongols.
EpicSolo tag  Modernisation of the Norwegian Empire. Unstability in Denmark.
[Owner] XInstinctX tag  Norway isn't on the Map.
[Diam.] downylocket117 tagso what won? factions or towny?
Dr_Benson tag  plz no factions it is 4 wankerz
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  Unknown. Factions won by a clear majority however, alts were found to have voted for it. Staff will either have to go through and manually ip check each and every voter or use towny based on its voters maturity.

(No confirmation on alt votes for towny)
BassFishin243   I really hope towny wins, but i'll play ren no matter which plugin won the vote.
[Diam.] DickbutWe will meet again on the fields my love instinct <3
We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn
Dame Vera Lynn's 1940s song We'll meet again with WW2 photos...
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rich904whats good people
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rich904   how is this spam
Bismarck0705   Yeah instinct People like Octo are the real spammers. Not me :sick:
[Mod] MrUnicorncraft tagtagtag  Dat Horrible Attempt at propaganda doh
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtagHow Termite and Instinct saved the community from Mel.
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namethatmanxx   I saved myself early on because it was crap anyways
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  You got banned..
namethatmanxx   No shit, sherlock, any more obvious observations? It was 3 days btw, they thought I'd come back.
Budhha247 tagHow long till the server is up??
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[Owner] Termite117 tag  Well i havent done any work this weekend i have been at my dads and friends and seeing how now apparently im running a fever i wont be able to work on it today or tomorrow so about a week or two. Sorry for the wait! :(
BassFishin243   Fever... i feel ya brotha. I had it last week.
namethatmanxx   I have it now
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