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Npod97Good Night people
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Dr_Benson   Good mornin' people.
Seamas11 tag  created a new thread World War 2 in the The Literature Forum forum
[Diam.] putty212 tagfirst one to notice whats odd about this video gets a cookie.
[Diam.] patar15 tag  What if I don't want a cookie?
[Diam.] NOTsoHUMAN tagtag  Oh God, please no.
Seamas11 tag  h=The entirety of it is odd , I do not know why someone would watch it.
[Diam.] orlandomagicfan8 tagBananas.
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[Diam.] ninjasftw01 tag  Honestly!
[Diam.] patar15 tagWorld According to the Turkey
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sobekk11   Europe*
[Diam.] patar15 tag  ,aybe turkey only knows that square and they think it's the world?
minecraftmm111   Best Map Ever :)
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[Owner] Termite117 tagtagVoting is fixed so please continue to vote to help our server grow:D
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[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  As Vern Troyer would say eeeeeee
[Diam.] masterpaps tag  the info on [link] is out of date, maybe you want to fix that.
[Owner] Termite117 tagtag  Thanks i will update that soon.
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtagAnd Ukraine is worried
Russian Army Marches to Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
The Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song is one of the Russian A...
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Seamas11 tag  This was already posted by someone a few days ago. -_-
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  That was me, but it got buried under pre map spam
[Diam.] curtisnexus tagIf I join the server & don't respond to anyone I'm not being rude it's my internet, it's being shitty.
bear123   No worries!
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtagSo uhh, Connacht needs a high staff, because of Rules and RP Family, Connacht goes to Namethatmanxx, who is in England.
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Seamas11 tag  Actually Name was disinherited , Connacht goes to Klassic.
Astonir tag  So technically Klassic just peacefully conquered the majority of the British Isles.... lol
[Diam.] patar15 tag  if england does get connaught that gives Munster a CB on them.
jp5243I feel stupid asking this but... where did the faction app thread go?
jp5243   Found it!
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtagIt's getting depressing, Supernatural Season 9 is coming to a close, and it's one of the most emotional seasons by far.
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[Diam.] patar15 tag  I'm not like that I don't like someone pulling off there skin, but yet I'm fine with someone coming out of someone else's mouth. Or I guess in that case he came out of his own mouth idk. It's confusing to explain.
skelator571   I MISSED SEASON 9 ;-;
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  Messed up genitals.
[Diam.] patar15 tagis anybody having problems with EU4 I click play and it goes straight into the game when it used to be (yesterday) I click play a start menu pops up I choose what mods I want or no mods. then I click start EU4 and then it goes into the game. now I click play and it doesn't give me the pop up menu no more.
[COwner] XInstinctX tagtag  -mod=mod/Mod1Name.mod
[COwner] XInstinctX tagtag  In the command line.
[Diam.] patar15 tag  where do I put this?
Dr_BensonHoly shit! I just found out that Kotor left Bordeaux in France without letting me know and he made me the mayor. What the hell happened?
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  However, it doesnt seem like a random selection, Benson was the most active and good friends with Kotor, so he probably gave you leadership and left.
Dr_Benson   :)
[Diam.] MrUnicorncraft tag  It makes you select someone to replace you
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtagSo how many of my people have been brainwashed into serving me? Lets ask them shall we:
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  Instinct broke the machine when we tested it.
Dr_Benson   Me master :)
[Diam.] patar15 tag  Wow you brain washed 3 people and counting xD
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I hope everyone's towns/nations are going along well :d
thats an akward convorsation
No a little dark would be "Good Morning while I drain out your souls, and feed your corpse to the dark lord Satan :d"
that's a little dark for a good morning Name. Gosh.
Good morning and die.
Hello! :d
Can someone look at my town ap please
We Are The Free Imperial City Of Augsburg
Thank you for being 1h earlier than expected! 3am for the Aussies - however...
Faction app Submitted :d
Why can´t I edit my Shout! Damn!
That moment when you see a Message and think: Dayum, I that is more Twitter than Twitter itself
That moment when you realize you have to leave for a few hours when Ren's opening...
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