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MyRageness   created a new thread Minecraft Skins in the Community Creations forum
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The King Of England Is Dead!
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SwiftWhiskers57   created a new thread Wisdom in the City Square forum
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[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  Lets Play: Find the Renclone owner!
namethatmanxx   Bloody hell?
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Factions vs Towny
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Ban Appeal
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2nd Report of the Liberation of Antwerp - Victory
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The True Heir To the Throne of Ottoman
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England Triumphs Over The Dutch!
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Add Dwarves in the next restart?
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The End of Days - Official RP List
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JeffreyF abusing creative
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Johann Brunstein, or Johann I
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Jennifer Hancock (Van Nostrand)
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John Hancock
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Away for the week
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Offensive monument found. Want staff to check who did it.
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Tournament of Moscow 2 Sign Up
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Religious Law in the Swedish Empire
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TheTopGit tag  created a new thread The Empire of France declares war on Switzerland. in the War Declarations/Treaties forum
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The Dutch States
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How to improve Towny.
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[Mod] MrUnicorncraft tagtagtag  created a new thread The Sheng in the General Off Topic forum
[Diam.] octo_caboose tagtag  created a new thread Walking Dead (Game) *Spoilers* in the Games forum
[Diam.] bountyrogger tag  created a new thread [Update] John Capaldi in the Roleplay Forums forum
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Alxlerno is mod.
Epicsolo resigns from his Moderator position.
The last town applications I received had direct plagiarism. This will not be tolerated, and all apps of such state (that I personally Find) will be rejected. However I will ask another staff member to look it over, so it may be repealed.
Reticulating Splines
Added back Herobrine
Voting on polls with alt accounts is illegal and can result in a website ban.
August 1st , Day of the EULA.
Removed Herobrine
Players are now hidden from Dynmap if they are under cover, crouching, or in the shadows.
Would every town leader please make sure that all of their towns claims is actually part of their nation, and if not, Unclaim it
You do not have access to shout
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